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inspiring artists meme

Sun Sep 14, 2014, 8:55 AM
I saw some people doing it and I was like, yeah let's give it a try, even if I wasn't tagged or anything 

-Choose at least 10 artists that inspire you and tell us why 
-Show at least 5 deviations from those artists that you love
-Tag at least 10 artists

In no particular order.

I just love the coloring style, their drawings are always so dynamic and full of details,great choice of color and great anatomy, been following him in tumblr for a while now and it's become a big inspiration to me ^^ 
All hands on deck by kawacy No reason to be scared by kawacy Operation : Black and White by kawacy Jadusable by kawacy Brothers by kawacy

it's an artist whose drawings I've been seeing on the web since I was a child and I was first searching for anime art, seeing her improving a lot and seeing how delicate, elegant, detailed and gorgeous  her art is just makes me feel like never give up I can't just find the words to descrive her soft and warm coloring 
Celebration by Kaze-Hime 1000 Cranes, Revisit by Kaze-Hime To the New World by Kaze-Hime I can't believe we'll never meet again... by Kaze-Hime Bring it On by Kaze-Hime

extremely adore the lighting on all her artworks, all of them have anamazing level of detail and such a great taste for colors, could stare at them forever, she mixes the semi anime~realistic style with europan styled background a combination I FOREVER LOVE
Wanderlust by iya-chen Prosper by iya-chen Tower by iya-chen Mission by iya-chen Hunt by iya-chen

another artists that mix anime and european styled backgrounds, love the coloring style and details, uses some really interesting angles and perspectives in some of her artworks, love how she colors the clothing and the deatils on it <3
The Harpist by JaneMere Old Books (with making) by JaneMere Golden Breeze by JaneMere Diatala by JaneMere Prince and Unicorn - Remake by JaneMere

I love how you can see the brushe-strokes in their art, makes it really dynamic, love the colors and lighting the paintings have and how integrated the character and background look
Free Me by THE-LM7 Miku by THE-LM7 hazel by THE-LM7 930 by THE-LM7 911 by THE-LM7

love her illustrations and manga both, her style simple yet delicated, all her characters look cute and have a really clean coloring, the way she draws manga is amazing and it's such and inspiration, also I would still be trying to figure out how mangastudio works if it wasnt for her tutorials 
Art trade with Hetiru by inma Revenge of the Queen 01 [ENGLISH] by inma Revenge of the Queen 07 [ENGLISH - SPANISH] by inma Commission for Madhatterkyoko -4- by inma Commission for Ifabulicious by inma

she improves really fast, love the way she works with the light in her drawings, her original characters are really interesting and I love her comics, the fact that she is always working on differents projects is really inspiring
Commission - Lovette by Rosuuri Summer Tea Time by Rosuuri Commission - Erica by Rosuuri Ayano by Rosuuri HBD Miku (wallpaper) by Rosuuri

her style is so sweet and detailed, love the innocence of her characters and the soft coloring, her manga is really good too <3
AT: yagamisiro by nemurou MS: Ch 3 cover by nemurou Commission: Mikaylia by nemurou Commission: iryoki 4 by nemurou ::CS:: Rosaleen by nemurou

he's an excelent photographer and manages to capture Ireland's beauty perfectly <3 everytime I see his photos I feel like drawing backgrounds and also brings me nostalgy of Ireland, I specially love the photos he takes of the sky and the sea 
Sunrise over stormy seas by cprmay The Old School Road by cprmay Under a big sky by cprmay Midsummer Flowers by cprmay Blackberry Lane by cprmay

their art is really clean and detailed, I really like the light and the composition of the artworks, also all the characters are always really expresive 
yato by INstockee after class by INstockee Shintaro by INstockee Goodbye. by INstockee DarkWorld by INstockee

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my first DD

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 26, 2013, 2:57 PM

yesterday I got my first DD, I didn't expect it and woah Iwas so happy
I want to thank @Kida-neechan for suggesting it, and @Damaged927 for featuring it
thanks for the ammount of faves and comments really :,D made my best to reply they all

also thanks a lot to the new watchers, you are a lot it will take me some time but I'll try to thank you all individually in your profile >-<

thanks everybody for your support, I'll allways keep up drawing :heart:

10 facts for being proud of your art

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 28, 2012, 7:56 AM

I wanted to update my journal to forget that depressing crap and write something positive that hope maybe can help someone ^^
those are 10 things we can do to love our art, many time we think (so I do) that our art is crap we want to be as good as somebody else but we just can't, in most of my life I just underrated my art, thinking that the others just say they like my art to be nice to me, lucky enough I learned that my art is good, is great in it's own way and everybody is

1) enjoy doing it, there's no point to make art if you are not feeling it, if you just draw for the others comments you won't ever like at all, there will be something missing, so let's have an awesome time, putting all our effort, and our feelings on it.

2) don't draw what people likes just to be popular, that's just wrong, and also don't stop drawing something you like because of people, our art tell us who we are, tell us about us, what we like, what we want, what we can't stand, if you can transmit something with your drawings you will feel like they are worthier

3) learn to learn from critiques, critiques are good, but not always, never let a critique feel you down and dismotivated, it's good to know what it's wrong but remember that art is a really subjuctive thing, you may like something others won't like, so if we have a critique we need to learn what if usefull from it and what it's not, quotes like "this looks off" "this is weird" "I don't like this/this color" those are not constructive facts, what do you learn from it? not much in my opinion, internet critiques are OK, but if you have an art teacher in school for example, I encourage you to show your art to them.

4) don't try to copy a style, not for if you are copying or not, that's not what I mean, it's like, your are drawing in somebody else lengauge, we must find our own style, and that takes time, years. All artist are influenced by other artist, that's ok, don't feel bad for that. if you ever have the chance of learning abou art history you will see that all artists were influenced by other artist that were influenced by others that were influenced by the greeks and romans that were influenced by previous civilizations.

5) improving takes time, you won't improve from a day to another, keep your drawings and after some years went by compare, sure you have improved and you will be so proud of yourself!

6) don't be afraid to show your art to others, your art is not crap, IT'S YOUR WAY OF EXPRESSING. it's you. having self-steem problems (like I do) may make us feel like our art is crap, just for being part of us, that's why people that hate theirselves often hate their art as well, we must to learn to love us to love our art.

7) people don't tell us they like our art to make us feel good. that's just fake. if people tell us they like it, it's mostly because they do! remember that not everybody can draw, and that for us it's easy it's not for the others, and maybe we will just draw a rough sketch and many people will love it. we are talented and people admires us for that. and we should be proud.

8) go achieve your dreams, if you really like art and you wanna work as an artist go for it, all those things about money and jobs are just bullshit, it's hard to do? sure! but all things are hard, if we put effort on it there's nothing we can't achieve. being proud of your art is so important for it, nobody would ever employ someone who doubts of his/her art.

9) if you feel your last artwork is crap, find out why. don't wait untill somebody comes and leaves a comment telling us what is wrong, try to find which are the things that makes you hate it, maybe it's the anatomy, maybe the drawing doesn't look as we aspected, and why? why in our mind looked better? maybe the colors, maybe the composition. better to find out our mistakes before somebody tell us, and if we can't and somebody tells, don't feel bad. just learn from that comment.

10) remember that it's impossible that everybody will like what we do, but as long as someone does it's something beautiful. maybe we won't paint as our favourite artist, we won't. we aren't he/she. but maybe we can make somebody wants to draw like us. maybe we can do something unique, maybe it will be remembered. who knows, but if you feel like nobody likes your art, remember you LIKE IT, and if you do sure more people will.

I think I wrote this not only for people, also for me... things I usually forget. I will leave this in my profile for a quite long time. so I won't forget to love my art
and don't forget to love your art as well ^^

Love xxx


I'm open for commissions :la:
so if anybody is interested click the link below <3…

- 1 full drawing for NeroLink (PAID) DONE
- 1 full drawing for AlwaysxInfinity(PAID) DONE
- CD cover for pOUT   (PAID) DONE
- 3 Drawings for vanakavasava (PAID) DONE
- 1 cell shadded drawing 2 characters for gamefanPPG (PAID) DONE
- 1 full drawing for Queen-Caffeine (PAID) DONE
- 2 cell shadded drawings for AlwaysxInfinity (PAID) DONE
- 1 drawing (simple background) for FizziBerry (PAID) DONE
- 1 cell shadding drawing for Nana-Blank (PAID) DONE
- 2 chibis for friend2alex (PAID) DONE
- 1 full drawing + detailed background for jehind (PAID) DONE
- 1 cell shadded drawing 2 charas forEndorell-Taelos (PAID) DONE
- 1 full drawing for Reiyaa (PAID) DONE
- 5 pics for leuvsion (PAID) (5/5)
- cell-shadded for StarletKnight (PAID) DONE
- 2 cell+2 chibi for umasalazar (PAID) Sketching
- commission for MikoMotoko waiting list
thanks for your support, faves, comments and views, means a lot to me
love xxxx
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Ooonhhho by runawaywithyou

Important INFO:

  • purchased work is only for personal use, don't re-sell, edit, reproduce or claim as your own, you can post it anywhere but you must give me the credit!
  • if you want to use my art comercially, then you must pay an extra fee 
  •  full payment first, no refunds, be sure you want to comission me
  •  I'll send you screen shots of the work in progress, so you can see how is looking whenever you want
  •  please do not rush me, I'll do it as soon as I can, but I'm a student so I have also another work to do
  • even if you use the commissioned work personally or commercially, I still have all the rights of the images, which means I can distribute it or post it in my websites if I wish so. (if you really don't want me to post it on my sites we can discuss though, but you have to give me a reason)


I'll draw
  •  OC's/ fan OC's, Avatars from gaia/tinierme/another sites
  •  fanart (send me references)
  • BACKGROUNDS (price will varie depending on difficulty)

  •  mecha
  • thinks I consider too complicated


- black and white 15€
- color 25€
sketch for jodminster by runawaywithyou 62 by runawaywithyou

chibi with transparent background 
- 25€ x character 
half body  
mangastudio screentone 25€ ( + 12 for extra character)
cell shaded 30€ (+ 15€ for extra character)
soft shadded 45€ (+20 for extra character)
transparent background or free simple background
full body 

 cell shaded 40€ (+20€ for extra character)
soft shaded 55€ (+27 for extra character)
 transparent background or free simple background

full drawing with detailed background
- 80€~ 100 + 20€ for extra character /price will varie depending on how complicated are the bacgrounds desired 
 5 characters max

note me with the title "comission - your name"
  • your name & paypal adress (to send the invoice)
  • styled wanted chibi/half body/fullbody/cell shadded/soft shadded/ full ilustration
  • background- if you want it or not, details of it
  • reference: images preferable, if description provide also links (for example look for similar images on google to make an idea)
  • other things you want to comment (any pose desired, canvas dimensions, etc)

when the payment is done I'll start sketching, I'll send you an screenshot of it asking if you want any changes, when you aprove it I'll start inking - NO REFUNDS

if you have any questions feel free to send notes or mail
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